The 1956 Revolution

Demonstration A tank

23 October: The Revolution
Mass demonstration everywhere in the country against the Stalinist dictatorship. Some of the Communist controlled police force opens fire, but others both from the police and the army support the demonstrations: the uprising starts.
24-29 October: The Uprising
Fightings between the rebels and the Communists. Although the Soviet army gets involved already in this phase, its role is limited and there are also various attempts to find a peaceful compromise. However, the Communists gradually lose their control over the government and the country.
30 October - 4 November: The Hope
Hungary has a government that fully supports the popular demand and that is supported by the people. Although fighting continues, the Communists lose ground everywhere and even signs of consolidation are visible. For a few days many Hungarians hope that the Soviets may "let Hungary go"...
30th October
Democratic multy-party system is legalized.
1st November
Hungary exits the Soviet controlled military alliance and declares neutrality.
4 November: The Intervention
The Soviet intervention means the end of all hopes: although fighting continues for some time, Communists gain the control of the country again. In the following months and years hundreds are executed, thousands are prisoned and about 200,000 Hungarians escape to the West.

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