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The Treaty of Trianon


In case you do not know, Trianon is one of the royal palaces in Versailles: Hungary's peace treaty was signed in Grand Trianon (marvellous architecture, but very sad associations for Hungarians) and it meant the following:

  • that of about 283,000 sq. km. which had comprised the area of Historic Hungary, Hungary of Trianon was left with 93,000 sq. km.,
  • Of the total population of 18 million, Hungary of Trianon was left with 7.6 million,
  • and of the population of 10 million ethnic Hungarians, 3.2 million were allotted to the neighbouring states.
(Historic Hungary is the direct translation of the Hungarian term történelmi Magyarország, an expression referring to the kingdom that occupied the whole Carpathian Basin since the Conquest, while the term Hungary of Trianon - the direct translation of trianoni Magyarország - refers to the country within its current borders.)

Trianon is often called the "second Mohács" as it marks the second and final fall of Historic Hungary: although most Hungarians admit today that this was an inevitable event (as the ethnic minorities had the right for independence), the treaty is still viewed not only as tragic but also unjust because the borders cut away territories populated solely by ethnic Hungarians, too.

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